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3 signs you may need to improve the way you look at yourself

A negative self-image can greatly impact your confidence and happiness, but how do you even know if you have one? It's possible to have a positive self-image and still want to make improvements to your health and body. But are you truly looking at yourself in the best light? Since we're often our own worst critics, this quick list will help you decide whether or not you're being too hard on your own body.

#1 You focus on the things you don't like.

Do you look in the mirror and find yourself nitpicking about the things you don't like? Maybe you wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and the first thing you do is count the pimples that have appeared on your face. Or, perhaps you try to slip into an outfit, only to inevitably try on something else until you finally moan that nothing fits you right. If you find yourself thinking or saying such things often, you likely have a poor body image.

#2 You find it hard to accept compliments.

When someone gives you a compliment, do you find yourself denying it--either aloud or in your own mind? If you don't believe the good things other people say about you, it's likely because you don't see those good things in yourself. That can be a major flag that you have a poor body image that you need to improve. Well-intentioned compliments can also help us realize our own insecurities when we take time to reflect on whether or not they're true.

The fact is, the opinions of other people--good or bad--shouldn't affect your self-image, but they can help you figure out your own. If you have recently received a compliment, or maybe even a critique, the way you responded to it and the thoughts you had after the fact could help you determine whether or not you see yourself in a positive way.

#3 You can't name many things you do like about yourself.

A person with a positive body image may have things that they want to improve, but they can list more things that they like just the way they are. For instance, a person might not be happy that new pimples are showing up on their face, but it doesn't bring them down. Rather, they decide to focus on the beauty of their other features--like their glimmering eyes and button nose. If you find it hard to find features that you like about yourself--especially regarding the things you can't change--you likely have a bad self-image.

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